9Rajshahi, which is both a district and divisional metropolitan city, flourished in the late eighteenth century. The beginnings of the modern Rajshahi as district can be traced 1825. The tomb of Hazrat Shah Makhdum (1635) is locates at Dargapara of the town. Many European traders were attracted to this town because of its being a center of silk production and its location be the side of river Padma, Subsequently the Dutch, the French and the British East-India company established their business houses here. Rajshahi Municipality was established in 1876.

The town was developed with the establishment of many educational Institutions including Rajshahi University (1953), Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology, Police Academy (1912), Rajshahi Medical College (1949), Rajshahi Collegiate School (1828), PN Girls High School (1886), Rajshahi Govt. Madrasa (1874), Rajshahi BB (Bholanath Bishweshwar) Hindu Academy (1898). Rajshahi College (1873) was one of the main centers of higher education for the inhabitants of East Bengal, North Bengal, Bihar and Assam of former India.

Rajshahi is known as “Silk City”, especially renowned for its silk products, different kinds of mangoes, produced in Rajshahi are countrywide famous for their unique taste. The earliest museum in Bangladesh, named Varendra Research Museum, established in this city 1910. Its rich collections contain interesting objects of past Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim heritage.  In the list of rich architectural heritage of the district of the Choto Sona mosque at Gaur area of the time of Alauddin Hussain Shah (1519-1532) and Kusumba mosque of the time of Ghiyatuddin Bahadur Shah Sur (1556-1560) are worth-mentioning.

About Department of Statistics

The Department of Statistics is one of the oldest Departments in the University of Rajshahi, which is the second largest public university of Bangladesh. Since its inception in 1961, the department has evolved steadily. The department offers good teaching and research facilities. At present there are 31 full-time teachers and 22 office staffs. The present enrolments of the students are about 100 and 400 at the graduate and undergraduate programs respectively. The department has its own seminar library with a large number of Textbooks, Journals, and Scientific Literature. A Computer Unit was established in the department in 1990. It is equipped with more than 100 modern personal computers of various models. Both the teachers and students of this department have been using these computers. Occasionally teachers of other departments of the University of Rajshahi are also allowed computer facilities for their research works. Presently the department is offering four courses on computer at the undergraduate and graduate levels. It also offers a certificate course on computer for researchers, professionals and students.


Climate of Rajshahi

During January mean temperature of Rajshahi is around 18~24o-C with bright sunny days. Details about Rajshahi can be found at the conference website.