Prof. B. K. Sinha , PhD


Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), India ~bksinha/profile.html

Plenary Talk Title: Improving the Efficiency of Experiments : Role of Covariates in Design Selection relating to Health Issues

Abstract: In this presentation, I will focus on (i) `exercise’ data for healthy active males (44) and females (43), and also on (ii) ‘health’ data involving three drugs (two antibiotics and one control). In both the illustrative examples, my purpose would be to focus on efficient use of covariates.  In (i), there are four covariates viz., Heart Rate, Age, Height and Weight. The response variable is the V02 Max, measured in a suitable unit. The presentation will reveal the possibility of increasing the efficiency by a suitable choice of the underlying covariate design. In (ii) there are 30 patients and each one possesses original pre-treatment score [count of bacilli] in the study of leprosy.  The drugs are to be applied to ten patients each and the problem relates to efficient classification of the patients into three treatment groups. We believe these exercises will be instructional to the experimenters in exploring the possibility of existence of improved experimental designs in situations involving use of covariates.