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9Rajshahi, which is both a district and divisional metropolitan city, flourished in the late eighteenth century. The beginnings of the modern Rajshahi as district can be traced 1825. The tomb of Hazrat Shah Makhdum (1635) is locates at Dargapara of the town. Many European traders were attracted to this town because of its being a center of silk production and its location be the side of river Padma, Subsequently the Dutch, the French and the British East-India company established their business houses here. Rajshahi Municipality was established in 1876. (more…)



Prof. M. Sayedur Rahman,PhD

Department of Statistics,
University of Rajshahi, (more…)



Prof. Md. Nurul Haque Mollah, PhD

Convener of Bioinformatics Research Group
Department of Statistics, (more…)