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Membership Information


Any person holding an Honours and/or Master degree from the University of Rajshahi through a hall of residence or an Institute of the university and presently not attached to the university as a ‘student’, shall be eligible to be a Member of RUAA who shall undertake to abide by the rules and regulations underlying its constitution and shall pay into the funds of the association such subscription/fees as may be proposed herein after.

Associate Membership

Any person interested in welfare affairs of RU and the Association, holding an Honours and/or Masters degree from the university from its affiliated Colleges/Institutes or served the university for at least ten consecutive years in the capacity of faculty member shall be eligible to be an Associate Member of the association on the recommendation of a member. He/she shall have to pay into the funds of the association such subscription /fees as proposed herein after and shall enjoy all the privileges of a member including the right of vote in the election except holding an office of RUAA.


To download the registration form please use the following link. Please print the two pages  in the file on an A4 size sheet.

RUAAMemConfForm.pdf319.25 KB