E.g., 23/07/2019
E.g., 23/07/2019
Name Designation Department Issue Date View Document
Abu Baker Siddique_O_St Operation Manager Statistics 19/05/2019 PDF icon Abu Baker Sid_O_St_img840.pdf
Sanjoy Kumar Chakravarty_T_CSE Assistant Professor Computer Science & Engineering 09/05/2019 PDF icon Sonjoy Kumar Chakroborty_T_CSE_img816.pdf
Reaz Ho_T_ICE Associate Professor Information & Communication Engineering 19/05/2019 PDF icon Riaz Ho_T_ICE_img839.pdf
Aktar Banu_T_IER Professor Institute of Education and Research 30/04/2019 PDF icon Aktar Banu_T_IER_img790.pdf
Ahmad Humayun_T_Bot Associate Professor Botany 12/05/2019 PDF icon Ahmad Humayun Kabir_T_Bot_img819.pdf
Habibur T Zoo Professor Zoology 12/05/2019 PDF icon Habibur_T_Zoo_img820.pdf
Farjana Ashrafi Neela_T_Bot Professor Botany 13/05/2019 PDF icon Farjana Ashrafi Neela_T_Bot_img826.pdf
Kamruzzaman_T_St Associate Professor Statistics 14/05/2019 PDF icon Kamruzzaman_T_St_img831.pdf
Khosrul Alam_O_Acc Section Officer Finance & Accounts 12/03/2019 PDF icon Khosrul Alam_O_Acc_img824.pdf
Jahangir Alam_T_Agro Professor Agronomy and Agricultural Extension 27/03/2019 PDF icon Jahangir_Agro.pdf