Institute of Environmental Science (IES)




Dr. Md. Azizul Islam

     Professor & Director

Dr. Sarwar Jahan


Dr. Golam Mostafa


Dr. Abul K Azad

     Associate Professor

Dr. Redwanur Rahman

     Associate Professor

Zakia Yasmin

     Associate Professor

S.M. Shafiuzzaman

     Assistant Professor


The Institute of Environmental Science (IES) was established in 1999 as one of the academic seats of higher research within the University of Rajshahi. It is also the sole institute of its kind in Bangladesh as well. The institute maintains its aim to promote research in environmental science and environmental studies, produce experts in environmental science and develop awareness in protecting environment with its goal to contribute in national development to tackle the challenge of global climate change as country’s number one threat in the new millennium. The institute offers regular programs of M.Phil. and Ph. D. level and includes research areas and themes under all science, social science and business science disciplines relating to environment. Some of the focused areas include environmental change and its impact on social structure, climate change and poverty issues, environmental policy aspects, environmental issues and economic mitigation, climatology, climate change and sea-level rise, water quality, environmental impact assessment (EIA), environmental pollution and control, environmental microbiology, soil erosion, land use change and land degradation, biodiversity, urban environmental issues and policies, disaster and disaster risk management, industrial pollution control, agricultural pollution, paste management, waste management, GIS and remote sensing application etc. The program is composed of a one-year course work includes eight major and four optional courses from diverse study areas in environmental sciences followed by their intensive research works. The students may select their research supervisors from the institute’s full-time faculties or from regular faculties from other disciplines of this university.



Sultan Ali, Deputy Registrar

Institute of Environmental Science

4th Science Building

University of Rajshahi

Rajshahi 6205, BANGLADESH

Phone: +88-0721-750930

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