Accepted Papers

Paper ID Title Decision Presented
9 Study of Confinement Loss in Photonic Crystal Fiber Oral Yes
10 Investigation of Propagation Characteristics of HNPCF and Their Applications in OCT Oral Yes
12 Reduction of Power Shortage by Using Renewable (Solar) Energy through Smart Grid, Perspective: Bangladesh Oral No
13 Inversion of Symmetric Matrices Using Unsymmetrical Fault Analysis Oral No
14 Equivalent Impedance Calculation Using Matrix :A Generalized Approach Oral No
15 Influence of Zn-doping on Optical Properties and Carrier Type of Iron Oxide Thin Films Deposited by Spin Coating Oral No
16 Implementation and Cost Analysis of a 550kW Hybrid power Plant in Mymensingh Engineering College (MEC) Poster Yes
21 Simulation Analysis of Capacitive Pressure Sensor for MEMS Using Graphene Oral Yes
22 An Efficient Algorithm for Accelerating Image Restoration Using Euclidean and Manhattan Distances Oral No
24 Modeling Water Supply in Urban Slum by GIS Mapping Oral Yes
25 Application of INPRO Methodology to Assess Economic Feasibility of Proposed Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant Oral Yes
27 Determination of Minority Carrier Diffusion Length by SPV Measurement for Calculation of Carrier Generation and Recombination of Silicon Solar Cell Oral Yes
28 Modeling and Control Strategy for Variable Speed Wind Turbine Using Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator Oral Yes
29 Study of Electrical and Optical Properties of Co/TiO2 Multilayer Thin Films Poster Yes
30 Effect of Substrate and Annealing on Electrical, Magnetic and Morphological Properties of Ni Thin Films Oral Yes
31 Investigation and Performance Analysis of Call Admission Control in WCDMA System to Find Optimum Parameters Poster Yes
33 Kinetics of Stripping of Ni(II) from the Ni-BTMPPA Complex/BTMPPA/Kerosene System by Sulphate-acetato Solution Oral Yes
38 A Study on the Electrochemical Dissolution of Ilmenite Fraction of Beach Sand in Sulphuric Acid Solution Oral Yes
40 Mental Stress Recognition using K-Nearest Neighbor (KNN) Classifier on EEG Signals Oral Yes
42 Design and Performance Analysis of Microstrip Square Loop Antenna for Multi-band Operation Poster Yes
46 Development of a Java Based Simulator for OFDM System Oral Yes
48 Enhancement of Electronic Ballast of Fluorescent Tube Lamp and Save Energy Poster Yes
49 A Feasibility Study of Power Generation from Rice Husk in Bangladesh Poster Yes
53 Wi-Fi Based Home Automation with Uninterrupted Data Communication System by Using a Networking Switch Oral No
54 Autonomous Data Integration Model Using Integra Data Model Oral Yes
56 Recovery of Manganese and Zinc from Waste Dry Cell Powder: Part I Characterization and Leaching Oral Yes
58 Recovery of Manganese and Zinc from Waste Dry Cell Powder: Part II Experimental Design of Leaching of Glucose Containing Sulphuric Acid Solution Oral Yes
60 Utilization of Energy from Water Using in Household and Industrial Sector Poster Yes
63 Design and Implementation of UART Serial Communication Module Based on FPGA Poster Yes
65 Source Management of A Hybrid DC Micro Grid in Rural Area of Bangladesh Oral Yes
66 A Hybrid of 30 KW Solar PV And 30 KW Biomass System For Rural Electrification in Bangladesh Oral No
68 Analytical Modeling of the Base Transit Time of SiGe HBTs Including the Effect of Recombination in the Non-uniformly Doped Base Oral No
69 Analytical Model of the Internal Quantum Efficiency of Non-uniformly and Heavily Doped Silicon Solar Cells Including Non-ideal Effects Oral Yes
70 Development of a Technical Device Named GPS Based Walking Stick for the Blind Oral Yes
71 Despeckling 3D Ultrasound Images using Liner Regression Poster Yes
73 Prospects of Electricity Production from Solid Waste with Plant Process Layout and Emission Control Oral Yes
82 Blessings of Geothermal Energy over Renewable Energies & Its Future Prospects Oral Yes
83 A Portable Remote Medical Consultation System for the Use of Distant Rural Communities Oral Yes
84 Photodegradation of Brown CGG Dye Using ZnO Nanoparticles Synthesized by Ionic Template Method Oral Yes
85 Smart Wrist Band for Obstacle Detection Oral Yes
88 Vehicle Mounted Face Recognition System Using Raspberry Pi Poster Yes
89 ASPEN-HYSYS Simulation of Natural Gas Processing Plant & Analysis of Different Operating Parameters Oral No
90 Recovery of Manganese and Zinc from Waste Dry Cell Powder: Part III Separation of Mn(II) from Zn(II) Oral Yes
91 Simulation of Crude Distillation Unit of Eastern Refinery Limited (ERL) Using ASPEN PLUS Oral No
95 Dynamic Off-Body Radio Propagation Channel Modelling Using Different Ultra Wide Band Reader Antennas Oral No
96 Renewable Energy Sources for Development of Bangladesh Poster Yes
97 Simulation of Solar Cell Based Hybrid Power System Oral No
98 Approach to Greener World: A Mobile Phone Based Application to Encourage Tree Plantation Oral No
101 Improved Photo Response of Spray PyrolyticZnO-CdO Nano-Crystalline Film Oral No
102 Performance Evaluation of Replication-Based Delay-Tolerant Routing Protocols for Underwater Networks Poster Yes
103 Effect of Air Gap in Electrically Coupled MicrostripBandstop Resonator Open Stubs Filter Oral No
105 Design and Implementation of a Dielectric Constant Measuring Meter for Solid Materials Oral No
107 A New Synchronous Circuit for Elastic Pipeline Architecture Oral Yes
109 Laser Excited Minority Carrier Lifetime Measurement of Semiconductor Material Using Eddy Current Technique Oral Yes
115 Effect of Temperature on Electrical Resistivity of P-type CuInSe2(CIS)Thin Films Oral No
116 Preparation of Raw Jute Fabric Reinforced and Low Lignin Content Modified Jute FabricReinforced Polyester Composites-Effects of ?-Radiation on Their Properties Oral Yes
118 Developing an Expressive Intelligent Agent Oral Yes
121 Stabilization of a Fixed Speed IG Based Wind Farm using Variable Speed PMSG Oral Yes
123 Bayesian Approach for Prediction of Interface and Non-interface Residues from Protein Sequence Oral Yes
124 The Effect of Introducing Macroporous Silicon as the Cathode of Bulk Heterojunction Hybrid Solar Cell Oral Yes
125 Regression Based Robust QTL Analysis using Flanking Marker with Intercross (F2) Population Oral Yes
128 Performance Analysis of Delay-Tolerant Routing Protocols in Intermittently Connected Mobile Networks Oral Yes
129 Variations of NDVI and Its Association with Rainfall and Evapotranspiration over Bangladesh Oral Yes
130 Developing Methodology to Integrate PHEV Charging Station into Distribution System Poster Yes
132 On the Comparative Performance Analysis of PAPR Reduction Techniques in OFDM System Oral Yes
133 Synthesis and Characterization of Spin Coated LaF3 Films Oral Yes
134 EEMD and DHT based Solution to Detect Systolic Phase from Doppler Ultrasound Signal Poster Yes
135 Fundamental Frequency Extraction in Speech Signal Oral Yes
136 Fabrication of Tandem Junction Photocathode for Solar Water Splitting Poster Yes
138 Economic Feasibility and Reliable Design of Renewable Wind-PV Hybrid Energy System for Coastal Regions of Chittagong Oral No
141 Synthesis of Well-defined High Molecular Weight 3-Arm Star Poly(methyl methacrylate) Using the �Core-First� Method by Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization Poster Yes
143 Minimization of Output Fluctuation of Wind Farm Integrated Power System Using Modified Governor Control Oral No
144 Fabrication and Characterization of Organic Solar Cell with LaF3/Al Bi-Layer Cathode Poster Yes
147 Design and Simulation of an Edge-coupled Band Pass Filter at X Band Poster Yes
153 Complementary Clustering for Microarray Gene-Expression Data Analysis using Factor Analyzers Oral Yes
154 Robust Linear Bayes Classifier for Microarray Gene Expression Data Analysis Oral Yes
156 Design and Implementation of Automatic Phase Shifter Oral No
159 Investigation on Spin-Coated Lanthanum Fluoride (LaF3) Thin Film with Silicon Nanocrystals (Si-NCs) as Photoactive Layer for Application in Optoelectronic Devices Oral Yes
160 Analysis of Optical Radiation Efficiency of Nanoparticles on the Basis of Different Dielectric Constants of Surrounding Materials Oral No
161 Quality Factor of Coherent Optical Transmission Systems with Different Baud Rates Oral Yes
162 A Low-cost Device for Measuring the PV Module Performance Oral Yes
163 Synthesis of Well-defined Azido End-functional Polystyrene via Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization Oral Yes
165 Synthesis of Well-defined Dihydroxyl End-Functional Polystyrene using Trifunctional Initiator via Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization Oral No
168 Automated Report Delivery System for Diagnostic Centers Oral No
171 Design of a Compact Single Element Dual Band MicrostripPatch Antenna for LTE Poster Yes
173 Maximum Power Point Tracking Using DC/DC Cuk Converter for Photovoltaic Systems Oral Yes
174 Smart Home Security System Based on Microcontroller Using Internet and Android Smartphone Poster Yes
176 Fabrication of Nanostructured ZnO Thin Films By Home-made Spin Coater Oral Yes
177 Robust Clustering for Gene-Expression Data Analysis Oral Yes
180 A Unified Approach for Simultaneous Gene Clustering and Differential Expression Identification by Beta-Divergence Method Oral Yes
183 Security Issues of Distributed Routing and Storage Systems: A Survey on Existing Researches Oral No