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A. H. M. Selim Reza, PhD



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Major Research Publications:

Reza, A.H.M.S., Jean, J.-S., Yang, H.-J., Lee, M.-K., Woodall, B., Liu, C.-C., Lee, J.-F., Luo, S.-D., 2010a. Occurrence of Arsenic in core sediments and groundwater in the Chapai-Nawabganj District, Northwestern Bangladesh. Published, Water Research (Elsevier, Impact Factor 4.355) 44, 20212037.

Reza, A.H.M.S., Jean, J-S., Lee M-K., Liu, C-C., Bundschuh J., Yang H-J., Lee, J.-F, Lee C-Y., 2010b. Implications of organic matter on arsenic mobilization into groundwater: Evidence from northwestern (Chapai-Nawabganj), central (Manikganj) and southeastern (Chadpur) Bangladesh. Accepted, Water Research (Elsevier, Impact Factor 4.355), DOI 10.1016/j.watres.2010.09.004.

Reza, A.H.M.S., Jean, J.-S., Lee, M.-K. Yang, H.-J., Liu, C.-C., 2010c. Arsenic enrichment and mobilization in the Holocene alluvial aquifers of the Chapai-Nawabganj district, Bangladesh: A geochemical and statistical study. Published, Applied Geochemistry (Elsevier, Impact Factor 1.961) 25, 12801289.

Reza, A.H.M.S., Jean, J-S., Yang H-J., Lee M-K., Hsu H-F., Liu, C-C., Lee, Y-C., Bundschuh J., Lin K-H, Lee C-Y., 2010d. A comparative study on arsenic and humic substances in alluvial aquifers of Bengal delta plain (NW Bangladesh), Chianan plain (SW Taiwan) and Lanyang plain (NE Taiwan): implication of arsenic mobilization mechanisms. Accepted, Environmental Geochemistry & Health (Springer Netherlands, Impact Factor 1.622), DOI 10.1007/s10653-010-9335-5.

Reza, A.H.M.S., Jean, J-S., Lee M-K., Luo, S.-D., Bundschuh, J., Li, H-C, Yang H-J., Liu, C-C., 2010e. Interrelationship of TOC, As, Fe, Mn, Al and Si in shallow alluvial aquifers in Chapai-Nawabganj, Northwestern Bangladesh: Implication for potential source of organic carbon. Accepted, Environmental Earth Science (Springer Germany, Impact Factor 1.094).

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