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Finance is a study of how individuals and their agents make choices among alternatives which have uncertain payoffs over multiple time periods. It is a specialized branch of applied Economics.

The Department of Finance and Banking in this University came into being in July 1981. Mr. Rafiqul Islam was the first chairman of the Department. Since 1981, about 500 students graduated from the Department. Currently over 600 students are enrolled in Honors and Masters Classes in the department.

Courses offered at the Honors and Masters levels are intended to equip students with knowledge and skill to serve as finance executives in banks, development financial institutions, companies, government departments and semi-government and autonomous bodies. The courses include, among others , Financial Management, Business Mathematics, Business Statistics, Public Finance, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Cost and Management Accounting, Capital Budgeting, Financial Analysis and Control, Financial Institutions and Markets, Corporate Financial Theory, Project Appraisal, Operations Research, Bank Fund Management, Research Methodology, Business Policy, Portfolio Management, Multinational Business Finance, and Introduction to Computer & Business Information System.

The BBA and MBA in Finance and Banking, with its blend of application arid analysis, is designed for those who wish to advance their academic careers as well as those who wish to pursue a career in business. Courses offered at the BBA and MBA levels are intended to meet the strong demand of the country for finance experts at banks, development financial institutions, companies. government and semi government departments, and autonomous bodies. There is also an international shortage of academics in the field. The department now offers the following courses:

  • Four Years BBA Course major in Finance & Banking
  • One Year MBA Course major in Finance & Banking

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