The Plasma Science and Technology Laboratory, (PSTL) established in 2009, is dedicated to conducting scientific-research, professional and teaching activities, for postgraduate and Ph. D level, in the field of Plasma Agriculture, Plasma Medicine, Surface Modifications and Effluent reduction of Wastewater (Textile and Tannery). These activities promote overall progress of the community and knowledge-based socioeconomic development. To this end, PSTL enables a rational use of available human and material resources, development of multi-disciplinary research and educational programs, international competitiveness of teaching, research and professional work, an increased level of innovation in society, faster knowledge transfer and strengthening of links between education, research and entrepreneurship. Finally, missions of PSTL is to produce sincere, dutiful and caring individuals with professional skills in the field of Plasma Science and Technology so that the graduates can competently face the challenges of the 21st century of the nation and render services to the international communities.

Research Activities

Gliding Arc Discharge Plasma

For the Treatment of Jute, Silk, Waste Water, Seed and other natural fibers

Wastewater Treatment

Effluent reduction from Textile and Tannery wastewater

Plasma Agriculture

Enhancement of food production

Plasma Applications for Coating

Antimicrobial, Antibiofouling, Radiation Prevention etc


“ How Plasma Science and Technology help humane and nature”

PSTL , in accordance with its mission, its clear research profile, its teaching process which is grounded on new scientific achievements, learning outcomes and principles of lifelong learning, as well as its involvement in the International Research and Higher Education Area, will be one of the dynamic centers in the field of Plasma Sciences and Technology that will contribute to the transition of Bangladesh to a knowledge-based society. It will be a reference point and a hub of cooperation with other universities and institutions at the international, national and local levels and the leading higher educational institution for scientific research in the region. The Lab members will continue its work as a socially responsible institution in the educational, scientific and professional field, and professionals trained at PSTL will be interdisciplinary educated and competent in solving problems in their areas, to the benefit of the entire community. One of the principal objectives for the Lab members is participation in the development of economy and society, with the aim to align achievements in those areas with the advancement of technology. One of its priorities as objective is therefore to strengthen the capacities for research and development in order to ensure PSTL's competitiveness during its integration arising from the PSTL's research and encourage the creation of start-up companies based on research results and the use of technology. PSTL is striving to be the key factor that enables the so called knowledge triangle (education, research, innovation) by bringing the Faculty's technologies to market and promoting economic development.