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Signal Processing and Neuro Science



 01  Prof. Md. Khademul Islam Molla  :  Group Head
 02  Prof. Dr. Shamim Ahmad  :  Member
 03  Dr. Md. Ekramul Hamid  :  Member
 04  Dr. Somlal Das  :  Member
 05  Mr. Md. Rokanujjaman  :  Member
 06  Mr. Md. Tohidul Islam  :  Member
 07  Mr. Kazi Jahidur Rahman  :  Member
 08  Mr. Md. Omar Farque  :  Member
 09  Mr. Sujan Kumar Roy  :  Member
 10  Mr. Sanjoy Kumar Chakravarty  :  Member
 11  Mr. Mahboob Qaosar  :  Member
12 Sangeeta Biswas : Member
13 Utpalananda Chowdhury : Member
14 Md. Rashed-AL-Mahfuz : Member

Signal Processing and Neuro Science

Signal Processing and Neoro Science group are engaged in work on digital signal processing, speech proceeding, biomedical signal processing etc. There is a sound-proof rich lab for acquisition of biomedical signal including Emotive EEG acquisition set and experimental kits for recording of audio signal.