wudn't be nice and exciting to meet those old fellas!

I have really enjoyed the event. The number of attendance was quite satisfactory. The few mistakes in the event can be considered as just mishaps. We are looking forward to something more interesting event in 2016.

-M R Khandker, MSc 1988

There are some interesting statistics has been published in the home page of this APEE reunion website. But another interesting information perhaps that from our APEE department maximum no. of Vice Chancellors of Rajshahi University has been emerged. Let us cherish that pride & honor.
Aminur Rahman Bachchu
MSc 1982

Oh, yes! that is amazing! One may rename the department as " Department of VC Manufacturing and Leader Fabrication". LOL. :)

is it ok to post comment here?

Yeap, for the time being, it has been left open to all. lets see how many posts we get in a month.