We are expecting 82 families to be present in which following is an interesting statistics:

  • Number of Children with families: 117
  • Average Family size: 2.24
  • Largest Family Size: 6
  • Highest frequency family size: 4

Among the registrants:

  • PhD from APEE: 6
  • MPhil : 1
  • BSc : 38
  • MSc : Rest

The Mode of Payment that our members like most is Cash:

  1. Cash
  2. Courier
  3. Post
  4. DD
  5. TT

The year-wise registration distribution is presented in the following graph:

Date-wise form submission distribution is like this:

It is interesting to see that peaks are at the deadline of registration. The first deadline was on 17th Nov., and the peaks are at 16 and 17 Nov. The extended deadline was on 24th Nov., and evidently there is another peak on that date. It means our habit is to do the job at the deadline! Never mind bro. ):