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Those who could not collect their Reunion Bag may contact the chairman of the department in order to collect it on or before 28th February 2012.

We are expecting 82 families to be present in which following is an interesting statistics:

  • Number of Children with families: 117
  • Average Family size: 2.24
  • Largest Family Size: 6
  • Highest frequency family size: 4

Among the registrants:

  • PhD from APEE: 6
  • MPhil : 1
  • BSc : 38
  • MSc : Rest

The Mode of Payment that our members like most is Cash:

Welcome Home! We launched a separate website for Reunion 2011. Besides the registration, visitors will get regular updates of the grand event through this website, and registered members can exchange their views. If you plan to join the ceremony please visit this site quite frequently.

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