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APEE has a departmental library of its own. The library is constantly being updated with reference books of various disciplines and other reading materials (e.g. PhD, MSc dissertations, Project papers, Journals, Magazines etc). There are about 2864 copies of books under the seminar library. Students can read books at the library only. They are not allowed to take the books to their rooms. However, only research students can borrow books by their supervisors name so that can they use it at home.

Seminar library has its own website. A logged in user can see the books (s)/he borrowed. To search/login the seminar library database click here.

There also exists a Rental Library since 1989 where books are rented to students against a nominal fee. The fund collected in this way are used to purchase new books each year. At present the rental library has a modest collection of about 1200 volumes.

To search the Rental Library database click here.