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The department offers four different programs.

  • Undergraduate

The 4-year long (i.e. 8 semester) undergraduate courses are are similar to electrical and electronic engineering with strong emphasis on communication electronics. The degree offered at the end of 4th year is called B.Sc. Engineering. Engineering program has got some major changes in the course materials as well as in the examination system.

  • Post-Graduate

The post-graduate program is one and helf year long (i.e. 3 semester) that includes courses on computers and communication engineering in addition to advanced electronics, such as:

  • TV and Radio Engineering
  • Communication engineering
  • Computer organization
  • Digital and Microelectronics
  • Industrial Electronics
  • Solid State Physics
  • Geophysics
  • Non-conventioan energy
  • Thin Film Physics
  • Bio-Medical Instrumentation, etc.


Specialization is offered in some of the above branches.


M. Phil and Ph. D. works are in full swing on the following fields:

1. Computer Network Security Issues
2. Optical Switch Networks
3. Dielectric and Thermal Properties of Oxides and Nitrides ESR Studies
4. Geophysics
5. Reliability Engineering
6. Signal Processing
7. Superconductivity
8. Thin Film Physics (metal, semiconductor, dielectric, cermet etc