The Fifth Reunion of Rajshahi University English Department Alumni Association will be held on 24 December 2022. All alumni and current students of the Department are cordially invited to attend the grand event. The deadline for Registration is 30 November 2022.


Registration fee (with 2% service charge) :

Alumni (Life Member):

Tk. 10,200/- (Per Person)

Alumni (Regular):

Tk. 2,550/- (Per Person)

Accompanying Guests:

Tk. 2040/- (Per Person)

Current Students:

Tk. 510 /- (Per Person)


Application Procedure:

Registration fee can be paid from any DBBL Customer Account.
The photo must be passport size (300x400 Pixel) color.
The final PDF must be printed in color.

(Bill Number for payment will be provided after completing the Registration Form.)


Payment System (From Any Dutch Bangla Mobile Banking/Rocket Customer Account):

Step-1: Dial *322#
Step-2: Select “1. Bill Pay” Option.
Step-3: Select “2. Other”.
Step-4: Enter the Mobile Number of the Candidate for “Enter Payer Mobile Number”.
Step-5: Select “0. Other”.
Step-6: Enter ‘285’ for “Enter Biller ID”
Step-7: Enter the Bill Number provided on the Registration Form for “Enter Bill Number”.
Step-8: Enter the Registration Fee for “Enter Amount”.
Step-9: Enter DBBL Mobile Account PIN Number for “Enter PIN”.
Step-10: You will get a Payment Confirmation SMS. The Transaction ID (TrxID) in the SMS must be saved.

ডাচ-বাংলা মোবাইল ব্যাংকিং এর যে কোন Customer Account থেকে ফি প্রদান প্রক্রিয়াঃ

Step-1:  ডায়াল *322#
Step-2: Bill Pay” অপশন সিলেক্ট করতে হবে।
Step-3: 2. Other” অপশন সিলেক্ট করতে হবে।

Step-4: Enter Payer Mobile Number এর স্থলে অবশ্যই আবেদনকারীর মোবাইল নম্বর দিতে হবে।
Step-5: Select “0. Other”.
Step-6: Enter Biller ID. এর স্থলে 285 টাইপ করতে হবে।
Step-7:  Enter Bill Number এর স্থলে অবশ্যই ফর্মে প্রাপ্ত Bill Number  দিতে হবে।
Step-8:  Enter Amount এর স্থলে প্রয়োজনীয় ফি দিতে হবে।
Step-9:  Enter PIN এর স্থলে Customer এর ডাচ-বাংলা মোবাইল ব্যাংকিং Account এর PIN নম্বর দিতে হবে।
Step-10: Payment Confirmation SMS আসবে। এই SMS-এর মাধ্যমে প্রাপ্ত Transaction ID (TrxID) সংরক্ষণ করতে হবে।




Md. Sakhawat Hossain: 01715650175
Masum Ahmed: 01712982547
Abdullah Farook (Popel): 01672323032 [only for technical help]
Office: +88 0721 750041 Ext. A 4146; +88 0721 750685 Ext. 101


*** The Alumni
Association is also
going to publish a
souvenir to mark the
occasion. Interested
alumni are advised to
send in their  write-ups
on or before 30 November
2022 to the following address :


  • Mahmud Hasan
  • Mahmud Hasan
  • Md. Feroz Ibne Rahman
  • Mahfuja Begum